24 May 2015

The Education System (or a bit of)

Okay, serious font on. 
   Today I would like to speak to you about the education system, or not so much the education system, more what the education system (particularly in secondary schools) needs to do. In my opinion. 
   Puberty begins at roughly 10 for females and 12 for males, this sits around the time that secondary school life begins. During the time between the beginning of puberty and the end of puberty a lot is learnt. They become a lot more aware of themselves; than they were previously. I'm not saying that the education system needs to begin teaching these young adults "life lessons" in a way that means the child doesn't make mistakes and learn these lessons for themselves. I'm saying that they need to try to help the young adult understand what's happening to them and offer guidance if they have an issue. 
   I can see (from my own experience) that the government is attempting to do this and subsequently I do not want to point any fingers. However, if anyone is going to change it (and change is necessary) I would like the current conservative government to do so. So listen up Nicky! 
   What needs to be reformed? You may be wondering- after all I have been a bit vague. What needs to be reformed is sexual education and, more specifically, education on homosexual relationships; safety in (for example) anal or oral sex and sex education (as a whole) generally needs to be a bit more encompassing than just: "sex is where you put your penis in a hole". 
   Now, if you're still reading, you may be wondering "Why do these things need to be changed?" well, I feel that there are a lot of reasons. For starters this would help to eliminate a lot of common misconceptions about sex and the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) crowd broadcast by media. As well as this it would help young adults become a lot less afraid of these sexualities- again, broadening their acceptance of people. 
   I (being a teenager myself) would like to point out that puberty is the time when a lot of people come to terms with their sexuality. I think that educating children- a bit more in depth- on different sexualities would really help young adults become accepted and have more confidence in their feelings. 
   The government can say "We're doing this and that and children are all so happy and wonderful and the education in this area is second to none. Ahaha- I'm being paid to talk crap." but I can say from experience this is not happening in schools. I just went through sexual education and it hasn't advanced one bit from my education in primary school. 
   Sex is still a "special kiss". 
   I don't normally ask you to do this (whoever you are) but please, please share this or at least say something to some. It really does need to be talked about and changed. I know I'm not the only one that's noticed this and thinks that it needs to get changed. So, go share and talk about that stuff as well! 

18 April 2015

The Appreciation Appreciation Society

***Sorry for not posting in ages. There is no excuse- only that the rule of "posting whenever I feel like it" has been achieved.***

In the world there a lot of people who appreciate things. This is good, without appreciation of things there would be no protection of said "things" therefore meaning that those "things" wouldn't be there. You could, however, argue that if they aren't being appreciated that much they don't need to exist. 
     Obviously I feel that the people who appreciate things need to be exist because like I just explained: things and things and stuff not existing and things. So, why is there no "Appreciation Appreciation Society"? I certainly don't know! Due to it's lacking in it's existing I am considering starting one. 
      Problem: I do not know how to begin an appreciation society. Maybe I should start a new blog; maybe I should write a formal email to presidents of current appreciation societies; maybe I should set up a new Facebook page- quite frankly I have no idea what I am doing. 
      But I hope to make my dreams of about 30 people scattered across the world becoming dedicated appreciators of appreciators. 
      Thusly, I will do one, if not all, of these things and hopefully something will happen! 

***Sorry that this is short, I have been busy and that.***

4 April 2015

The Debate Thingy (and a bit on the election)

If you live in the UK and aren't living under a rock you've probably realised that the election is going to be happening at some point in the next couple of months. If you don't know what an election is, it's where everyone over the age of 18 votes for the man or woman they want to be in charge of their local area. This ultimately effects who is in charge of the country.  
    I try to refrain from presenting my political views on the Internet, as I am quite strong minded and I like to argue about it. I don't take political views personally however, more of an impersonal argument. Even so, I won't be talking about my political view. I just feel like writing on the subject of politics! 
    So I'll write about the political debate held on ITV. I think talking about the debate in a somewhat neutral way will be close enough to politics, but won't really reveal how I feel about politics. 
    The debate happened on Thursday 2nd of April, it was essentially all the party leaders arguing about how they are better than the other party leaders; why you should vote for them (and no one else) and how they're going to fix all the issues we currently have.
    So I think I'll go through each of the parties and discuss as much as I can remember of what they said. I'll then come to a conclusion of who "won" the debate- although I personally don't believe any of them won as it wasn't so much a debate as answering questions and blasting their respective propaganda! 
    I'll start with the conservatives as they've been in charge for the past 5 years. I feel David Cameron made quite a big impact on the debate, doesn't mean he won, but he was definitely arguing his points. His input to the debate was average and he stood very firmly with what he believed and didn't break. However, I feel that his points lacked backup , giving them a somewhat hollow feeling. He more or less blamed the other parties, but didn't explain why it was their fault and not the conservatives. But, he argued well in the sense of defending himself, although this to seemed to lack evidence and explanation. 
    Now we'll move on to another right wing party that seems to be quite a big contender for this years election: UKIP. Otherwise known as the UK Independence Party. Nigel Farage also held strong to his points, he played to the crowd- making some extremely interesting faces- but always seemed to link everything back to immigration. This was pointed out by the Plaid Cymru leader at one point! This didn't seem to help his argument, as it gave the impression of him only looking at one thing and nothing else. 
    Another strong contender; Labour. Ed Miliband seemed somewhat out spoken, his input to the debate seemed minimal, but he definitely got involved in some of the larger dog fights and stuck to his guns, much like the other leaders. He defended well and didn't seem to throw as many accusations, however, his points also seemed slightly hollow and lacking in any kind of explanation as to how he could do these things. 
    There was also the Scottish National Party, with their leader Nicola Sturgeon. Sturgeon was very strong, inputting when necessary and pointing out flaws in other peoples policies and generally arguing very well. Her policies, however, seemed pushed out and ignored, they were also quite "samey" compared to the other leaders policies. But, overall, her argument was very good and she wasn't just blaming other parties, she'd explain how what she said was right. I must say that the women in this debate didn't seem to just break into shouting matches of "you did this and that", with no explanation, they'd back it up. 
   There was also Plaid Cymru, lead by Leanne Wood. Also, very good at arguing, her input was lower than the other leaders, but when she did argue she would be engaging and her answers and arguments were well thought out. Her policies seemed pretty similar to the SNP, just applicable to different areas (namely Wales). Overall, I feel she and Sturgeon were very strong arguers- that isn't really the correct term, but I'll keep it- in the debate. However, they spoke a lot less than the others. 
   The Liberal Democrats seemed to be making a return after their dip in popularity over the past 5 years and their leader Nick Clegg seemed the most genuine of the leaders, his policies weren't really brought up; he held strong. But, he seemed quite focused on breaking down the other parties policies down and pointing out their flaws; as opposed to explaining his own points. However he did have the "I'm your relate-able Lib Dem leader" going for him. 
    Finally we had the Green Party, lead by Natalie Bennett. Bennett didn't really say much. She focused on getting her policies out there and, although she would disagree with the other leaders, her arguments were short. Generally I feel the was outspoken massively by the other leaders. She did make some very valid arguments when she spoke up and seemed to focus less on targeting other leaders (unless she saw it necessary). 
    Earlier on I said that I didn't feel anyone won, I still don't feel anyone won, but I think that the women definitely argued their points better; whereas the men broke into disorganised shouting matches with no supporting evidence.7 I'd say all the leaders stood firm, however, UKIPs points all seemed to be the same and I feel that the Conservatives made some points that they could've fixed in the past 5 years. 
    Overall I'd say that the Lib Dem leader- Clegg- won in the sense of crowd appeal and relate-ability; Sturgeon won in the sense of strength and well thought out argument and Bennett won in the sense of getting party policies out to the public. 
    So it's all very dependant on who you want your leader to be and whether you trust them enough to achieve what they say they want to! Regardless, citizens of the UK, pick who you trust and who you think is the best person for the job. Clegg's closing point was something along those lines. 
   Thank you if you read all of this, it's definitely longer and it's definitely different to my normal stuff!

28 March 2015

The All New National Holiday

Recently I was thinking about national holidays, I want to make a new one, I think that'd be pretty cool and it means that we all get an extra day of the year off. So everyone is happy, right?
   But, I don't know how I make a new national holiday. I also don't think the national holiday I want is likely to be approved by anyone who doesn't have an understanding of cool things. The holiday I want is "Noob Appreciation Day", noob definition here
   So, I did a bit of research, like you're meant to do when setting up these things and I found this (which some of you may not be able to access, as it's a Facebook thing) and that was about it; with the exception of a "Noob Day" happening on Runescape. Overall, not a great deal to work with! But, definitely a lot of need for such a great day. 
   Next we actually need a day for it to happen, I thought it should be one of those holidays that are put in a weird position- to get a real feel for what it's like to be a noob. I picked my favourite number (27) and multiplied it by 10, because the 27th day of the year is in a normal position (and I didn't want it to be near to Christmas), so it's on the 27th September, or at least it will be- when it happens. 
   Now, we need to actually get it voted for in the British government. I don't know how to do this, do I set up a petition on the Internet? Twitter page? What do I do? 

23 March 2015

Apple Adverts

***I am terribly sorry for not writing in such a long time! I haven't really got an excuse aside all my writing ideas escaping! Thank you if you have stuck around.***

I recently bought a new Apple product, or device, or whatever you wish to call it. I am in fact writing this post on my new device, which I could never previously do! 
   However, I am a bit apprehensive as auto-correct may make me look like an idiot. Which is why I have chosen to write it here and then edit it on my computer later on! 
   So you may be wondering why I have bought a new Apple device (quite honestly I am also wondering this) and I think it's most probably because the previous Apple device broke. I did not even consider any other manufacturers as a replacement; just ran to Apple. I don't know why and it couldn't possibly be their advertising. Could it? 
   Their adverts, if you've never seen them before, are generally composed of an Apple device in an event that doesn't happen everyday, but is fairly frequent. You know- family moments- with children or without. The device normally does something like take a photo and then "iPhone 6" or whatever appears on the screen (in the centre) with all their terms and conditions and information about it having the ability to bend sideways. Although that's in the bottom in tiny writing! 
   It's not so much that I think the adverts are badly made, they're quite well made, they look pretty enough. They just, sort of... Lack, I don't find them very entertaining, they don't stick in my head. Just slightly confused as to how they actually work! But obviously Apple is rich and knows all my secrets. So, I can't say anything...